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Our fFLAT5 Team
Originated from Japan, the fFLAT5 team is a group of professional audiophiles who are truly committed to sound excellence. We are engineers, designers and golden ears. We all share two passions: MUSIC and STYLE. Our common goal is to bring into the market fashionable audio accessories without compromising the audio quality. We dream of honoring music lovers in the world with the best headphone experience. “Therefore we are, to change the note and bring music back to life.”

Our Quest of Audio Perfection
We are in constant research of audio clarity and purity. Our investigation for audio perfection started with the Speaker Driver itself. We didn’t want to compromise on any engineering aspect that affects sound reproduction. Speaker drivers are usually made of simple coated, uncoated paper or polypropylene plastic speaker diaphragm. We initiated our research at the roots: speaker diaphragm material. We are not alone in the quest of audio perfection. Furukawa Japan, a world leading industrial materials and applied technologies company joined us in the adventure. Together, we complete our ambitious mission by bringing in the market a brand new speaker driver made of Furukawa MCPET material for the diaphragm, a revolutionary invention in the audio market. Most excitedly, our fFlat5 team will be the first to introduce this amazing technology and flawless audio quality to your daily life.

The Styles We Revive
We do believe that MUSIC connects peoples and gathers the hearts. These are the reasons why we express our products in the way of different cultural design, especially from Japan and Scandinavia. We do love the way design is treated in these countries: the simpler, the better. Minimalistic designs are highly fashionable. We further differentiate ourselves as we play around with colours and tones on a minimalistic platform. Our products inherit the beauty of music without boundaries.

What is fFlat5?
Flat 5 is a technique for music chord substitution using the Cycle of Fifths that brings about interesting variation to the note while the notation “f” performs it loud.