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At fFLAT5, we are in constant research of audio clarity and purity. Our investigation for audio perfection started with the Speaker Driver itself. Speaker drivers are commonly made of simple coated, uncoated paper or polypropylene plastic speaker diaphragm. Our R&D Team realise the fact that these are not the best substances for original sound reproduction. We kick-started our research at the root cause: the speaker diaphragm material.

Impressively, we are not alone in the quest of audio perfection. Furukawa Japan, a world leading industrial materials and applied technologies company with 130 years of history, joined us in the adventure. We completed our ambitious mission by bringing into the market a brand new speaker driver with diaphragm made of Furukawa MCPET material, a revolutionary invention in the audio market.

As the Furukawa name is also very well known in supplying premium audio brands with metals and copper wire for speakers and interconnect cables. We further evolve our speaker driver by winding it up with the Furukawa OFC (oxygen free copper) premium-grade cable coil for perfect diaphragm movement.

As guaranteed, our fFlat5 team will always be the first to introduce flawless audio quality to your daily life.


Our speaker diaphragm, patented under the name “Furukawa MCPET (Microcellular Formed Polyethylene Terephthalate) Original" contains ultra-small microcells with size below 5 microns and has gone through customized technical processing to realize perfect and lasting sound performance.

Furukawa MCPET excels competitive speaker diaphragm materials with extraordinary density and vibration elasticity to achieve the best original sound reproduction. Being heat-proof and humidity-proof, MCPET further prevents signal lost or sound distortion in various environments.

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* Patent Pending. Application number: PCT/CN2014/076692

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